Turn 1.04

“Eternity How Long” 4/27/14 Hewlett is upset that caleb got away and whips the two officers that let it happen. While watching he decides the fortifications are not strong enough then gets the hairbrained idea that the townspeoples headstones would makes good shields so want to move the headstones. Hewlett puts Richard in charge of which ones to use which upsets the townspeople. So Richard digs up his own sons stone as sacriface infuriating Abe.
Major John Andre pulls a ruse on Charles Lee using his hooker as bait.
Ben brings the news of the Hessians to General Scott and he says unless they come clean with where they got the info its going in the fire. Then burns it. Caleb says screw it lets just put the info in some other boring info and pass it along.
Turn is interesting tvthatiwatch.

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