Madam Secretary 1.11

“Game On” 11/30/14
Beth decides to go to Venezuela on her South America tour and wants to use the fact that Nadine has access to the previous Secretary of State’s hidden bank account to dig into things. They bring a baseball star to woo the President.
Nadine finds out the account had 40 million and the money was withdrawn the day after by someone named Marie Porter.
The baseball star tries to hook up with Blake.
Stevie comes home to babysit and smuggles her little sisters boyfriend in. When Alison decides to do it with her boyfriend, Stevie makes a judgement call and takes him home.
Beth has Matt mention Dubai and the Israeli meeting while he is double agenting to Russell.
During the press conference the baseball figure comes out, embarrasing and derailing everything.
The President knows about Nadine and the bank account and tries to blackmail Beth. She comes back with the bluff that the US Treasury is planning to prosecute him for drug trafficing and that the baseball player will be on his world team with will help him save face.
Russell confronts Beth about her investigation and she tells him because he is confronting her he is in the clear. Then she tells him everything.
Beth and Henry ask Stevie about the boy in the house. She lies for Alison.
Isabelle comes back with who the alias for Marie Porter, an Iranian. She tells Russell and he says its time for the CIA to take over.
Madam Secretary is tvthatiwatch.

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