Manhattan 1.13

“Perestroika” 10/19/14
A woman who has been sponsored by Charlie Issacs is at Ellis Island and Occam wants to know what she knows.
Oppenheimer drops by Winter’s place and tells him he’s going to present implosion to the war department.
The MP shows up at Charlie’s place and take him in to custody then Occam questions him. Charlie realizes Aikley was the one that got his family out thanks to the Russians.
Liza wins the town councelor race by a landslide.
Abby gets thrown in with Charlie and he tells her that her family is now safe in NY.
Babbit gets let go from Oppenheimer’s team.
Crosley quits the team.
Meeks’ mother passes away and gets a leave.
Occam tells Charlie about Abby’s relationship with Elodie.
Helen goes to see Charlie and realizes Abby tells her the MP’s took him then she tells Frank.
Frank gets a visit fom Syd who guilts him into going after Charlie.
Frank tells Liza they are building the Atomic bomb. Oh shit. Occam plays the recording of Frank’s confession about the A-Bomb to Oppenheimer. Except! when they play the rest of the tape Frank confesses that he and Aikley conspired everything and that Charlie knew nothing EXCEPT Frank knows the room is bugged and does it all to get Charlie out of prison.
Meeks shows up in Boston and calls his mom and says hello. He has an illicit meeting and tells that man implosion is taking center stage.
Abby is pregnant.
Charlie takes over the project now. Franks is driven off into the night.
Manhattan is really really really good tvthatiwatch.

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