Manhattan 1.12

“The Gun Model” 10/12/14 Aikley confronts Charlie about what he’s been doing the past two months and tells him Frank has been pulling one over on him and his is the only paper trail.
He also tells him there is a Site W who is creating pure plutonium to work with.
When the general informs them a shipment of plutonium from site X will be ready in 30 days, Aikley wants it protected. (Should we infer that there is no siteW????”)
Crosley goes to see Babbit and requests a transfer.
Babbet wants to talk to Aikley about the transport but and Aikley suggests thye delay the delivery??
Winter tells the General Thin Man will not work and he considers Winter’s comments to be traitorous.
A new girl, Evelyn, shows up to move in Elodie’s house and Abby slaps her.
Frank confronts Charlie about whats going on but doesn’t convince him.
Charlie talks to Abby about what she may have overheard and she asks for a divorce.
Babbet goes to Fritz for help to pick up Sinclair from site X.
Charlie gives Aikley his resignation and Charlie realizes that Aikley knew Thin Man wouldn’t work and just wanted his name on the project.
Frank goes out to the blast zone and Aikley is waiting for him with a rifle but frank convinces him they will work togther. Then Aikley blow his head off!!! WTF!!!
Manhattan is really really really good tvthatiwatch.

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