Manhattan 1.11

“Tangier” 10/5/14
Magpie gets a visit by the SS and asked if he is an American spy. He says yes so they cut off his head and send it to America.
Cosley and Helen are camping and he informs her of their breakthru but of course she already knows
Liza is on methamphetamines.
Aikley confronts Charlie about his “relationship” with Helen.
Elodie and Abby are spending time together.
Glenn quits implosion and goes to work for Openheimer.
Charlie makes Helen openly break up with him in front of the guys.
Occam visits Frank and tells him about Magpie.
Crosley proposes to Helen.
Lancefield confronts Charlie and tells him he knows he’s collaborating with Frank and as soon as Aikley comes back he’s going to tell on him.
Frank tells Charlie to get rid of Lancefield so he decides to get Abby to plant papers and she does it thereby.
Helen turns Crosley down.
Crosley hears a turn of phrase out of Frank’s mouth and starts to suspect him so turns the fact Aikley’s team is working on implosion thereby busting him.
Manhattan is really really really good tvthatiwatch.

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