Arrow 3.09

“The Climb” 12/10/14 Oliver is climbing a mountain. The League of Assassin’s captures Arrow and drags him to Nysa and says you have 48 hours to find her killer or we slaughter 50 people a day in Sterling City.
Laurel is at Sara’s grave and Thea runs across her and she tells him Sara is dead. 13 of the 15 markers come back saying Oliver killed Sara…They figure out plane flew from Corto Matese. Hunt down the airplane pilot and see the footage that shows both Merlin and Thea showed up the day before Sara died. Quentin’s ex-wife shows up and asks where Sara is and reads it in Laurel’s face that Sara is dead. Ray keeps pressing Felicity about the kiss.
Oliver goes to Thea but she lies to him. The 48 hours is up and Ras sends the goon squad to kill 50 people. Arrow goes to Thea and they fighty-fight and she leaps off the balcony. Malcolm shows up at Verdant and shows him a video of Thea killing Sara then tells him there is a plant called vertera that allows you to control people. Then says he can fight Ras and if he kills him the blood feud would be over. So he heads to League Central and challenges him. Ray renames the OMAC Project Queen Consolidated was working on to the ATOM project. Oliver sets all his ducks in a row and heads up to the top of the mountain to take on Ras Al Ghul. Fighty-fight and Ras bests him and tosses him off the mountain to his death.
Arrow is really good tvthatiwatch.

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