Turn 1.03

“Of Cabbage And Kings” 4/20/14
The Captain and a squad begin transferring Simcoe to New York via cart. On the way they encouter a bunch of Bluecoats that are refugees from a huge battle that apparently the Redcoats took over most of the united States which then turns the squad against Ben and Scott. And they have to kill everyone but Ben doesn’t want to kill the easily influenced kid so takes a court marshall to get out of it.
Richard and Abe head to New York Island. Abe runs aross a German garrison of Redcoats and does a little bit of recon and tries to sell them cabbages too.
Caleb heads up to Setauket to find Abe and get some info. Mostly he just hangs out in Anna’s barn. Abe returns, gives him the info and he take a skiff and sails off into the sunise. Turn is interesting tvthatiwatch.

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