Turn 1.01

“Pilot” 4/6/14 Abraham Woodhull is a cabbage farmer but his crop has maggots. When he goes into town to pay some of his debt from Selah Strong, he comes to the aid of Selah, who was offended by a Patriot reading about the attack on the Rebels, an altercation ensues and he is taken in. But his father, Richard, convinces the red coat authority, Major Hewlett he is innocent. Rebels believe there are spies in their army as their squad of Continental Dragoons was ambushed by Queens Rangers. Now they are looking for spies of their own. Abraham goes to Connecticut and runs across his friend Caleb Brewster and sells him the cabbage. On his way home his boat is captured by blue coats who believe him a spy, he runs across an old friend Ben Talmadge who tries to make him give up the name of the man he did business with but he refuses which was a test for him. Ben recruits him to help Washington and his rebels. When he returns to town he is grabbed by the red coats and brought before Major Hewlett for the crime of murdering the captain from the initial altercation but he states he had nothing to do with it and comes clean about selling things on the black market and getting captured. Hewlett and his dad make him tell the names of his captors and then suggest to him he pledge allegence to the king and be foregiven for his crimes. That night he breaks into Hewletts home and see there is a raid going to happen on a safe house in connecticut and enlists Anna Strong to help him. She does the signal and Caleb shows up to tells him he is his contact. He gives him a heads up of the attack and they ambush the redcoats. To pacify everyone Abraham pledges alledgence to the king in the center of town which technically gets him off. Turn is interesting tvthatiwatch.

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