The Flash 1.09

“The Man In The Yellow Suit” 12/9/14
Barry is running thru the town chasing Reverse Flash.
One day before, Barry, Joe and Iris are trimming the tree.
Caitlin runs across a guy that catches fire. She and Cisco track him down and he says he’s not Ronnie Raymond, he’s Firestorm.
Reverse Flash breaks into Mercury labs and the team figures out he is after Tachyon particles. Harrison contacts Tina McGee (Amanda Pays!!!! from the original Flash) to ask for her help in setting a trap for Reverse Flash with a force field.
Reverse Flash shows up and beats the crap out Barry.
Eddie wants in on the trap as he is part of the task force to take down the Flash.
Barry goes to see his dad. Then he goes home and tells Iris he loves her.
They trap the Reverse Flash
The force field fluctuates and Reverse Flash drags Harrison inside and then beats the crap out of him. Joe breaks the generator and RF gets out and takes the Tachyon generator and disables everyone except Eddie. Flash shows up and Reverse starts beating the crap out of him till Firestorm shows up and flash fries him and he runs off. Then Firestorm says stop looking for me and flies off into the night!!!!
The Flash is really good tvthatiwatch.

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