Grimm 4.02

“Octopus Head” 10/31/14
The Hexenbeast pulls a double ended snake and sucks something out of Renard bringing him back to life. Whoa, she’s his mom.
Adalind shows up in Vienna and says I took the Grimms powers and they put her in the dungeon.
Trubel tracks Octopus head and he tracks his next victim.
The FBI agent stops by to see Nick and voges in front of him to no avail. Then she gets on the phone to someone and says Nick isn’t the Grimm but she thinks she knows who is.
Juliette stops by the spice shop and suggest they stop looking for a cure for Nick.
Octopus Head knocks out Trubel. He starts to suck his victim and Truble kicks him around then he starts to suck her and realizes shes a Grimm and starts screaming. Then Nick and Hank show up.
They show up in Renards room and he’s sorry he couldn’t help.
Wu stops by Nicks and asks about Trubel. Nick has an episode and swaps sight with Adalind.
Trubel grabs the bike and heads out to the trailer and the FBi and a squad of goons grab her.
Grimm is tvthatiwatch.

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