Constantine 1.05

“Danse Vandou” 11/21/14
New Orleans, a girl gets stabbed to death with scissors by a woman with a surgical mask. A police officer, Jim Corrigan(Spectre) happens to be taking a piss in the alley and shoots but the bullets don’t hit it.
A man picks up a hitchhiker named Phillip, then makes a pass at him. He disappears from the car and appears on the road which crashes the car. John and Zed investigate and Corrigan arrests John. He makes Chaz investigate the surgical slasher and he interrupt the next victim and gets stabbed himself and dies. He comes back from the dead. Zed investigates hitcher. Turns out both survivors went to Papa Midnight to help them talk to the dead. John confronts Papa and tells him he has lost control. Papa knocks him out and tosses him in the truck and goes to his latest person he was a medium with and sees the ghost has come back and is draining his wife. Zed and Corrigan pick up the hitcher and when he ghosts out she runs him over. She tries it again and tries to psychoanalyze him. Chaz starts to question the surgical slasher. John realizes that the women are the reason the ghosts exist he gets them together and tells them guilt is whats keeping the ghosts there. The exercise and the spirits leave.
John asks Papa to find out about the rising darkness.
Constantine is tvthatiwatch.

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