Madam Secretary 1.10

“Collateral Damage” 11/23/14
Beth meets with the Iraqi deligates to create a united front against ISIS. While meeting them they have a shooter alert and everyone has to spend time together. The translator recognises her from a covert op she did where she allowed torture of prisoners. Then she tells them to be proud of their heritage.
Stevie wears an inappropriate shirt and gets sent to find something more appropriate so she drops by the office and Blake babysits her until Beth says she tortured people.
Daisy’s fiance confronts Matt about his past relationship and slips him some pot gum. When he finds out the truth, that they did have an affair, he decides to bail on the relationship proving Matt’s point he wasnt worthy. Stevie decides to leave home and move into her friends place.
Madam Secretary is tvthatiwatch.

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