Jane The Virgin 1.05

“Chapter Five” 11/10/14
Jane moves in with Michael out of spite to get away from her mother.
Jane’s best friend is dating Michael’s brother Billy and wants her to put in a good word with him.
Rafael tells Jane that Petra cheated on him.
Jane goes to meet her father and she realizes he is an ego maniac.
Petra tries to seduce Rafael.
Michael tells Jane he used to run cars with his brother and his brotehr took the blame for getting busted and since then has led the dark path.
Rogelio asks Xio for advice about his dinner at Janes place and then tries to stick up for Xio at the dinner and Jane kicks him out.
Rafael gives Petra the divorce papers.
Jane tells Rafael she wants to keep the baby.
Disgusting Tom ends up with a corkscrew in his neck and says Sin Rostro dead.
Jane finds the pictures of Petra having sex and gts mad at Miochael for withholding the info.
Petra’s mother punches her in the face and then makes her tell the cops Rafael does it.
Jane The Virgin is exceptionally delightful tvthatiwatch.

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