Forever 1.11

“Skinny Dipper” 12/9/14
A cab driver gets stabbed in the back by a big sword.
Picking up with Henry’s crazy cab ride by his co-forever who shoots himself in the head leaving Henry in a driverless cab that shoots off the edge of the pier and forces him to drown. He leaves his watch behind in the cab. Henry returns and cops arrest him for swimming in the East River.
His next case turns out to be the cabbie.
He returns to the scene of where the cab went off the pier and strips to jump in to get it. But get arrested again. Lt. Reece thinks he needs a psych eval at Belview. Louis is his psych.
The cops dredge for the gun, find it, and its owned by a Richard Smite. Jo and Lucas go to the guys house and finds him flayed with the exact style of Henry with the exact knife Henry uses, in fact, Henry races back to his office and finds out it was his knife.
He runs to Abe and they decide to skip town but Jo finds him and he is forced to confess… that he has a stalker. Reese believes him and says they are going to find him. Henry finds a link that they both worked at Belleview they go and Louis tells them of Clarke Walker a psycho path who happens to be in therapy there at the time but escapes when they do a lockdown.
He shows up at Henry’s place and begs Henry to kill him and when Abe comes home, fighty-fight and Henry stabs him but he doesn’t disappear.
The cops show up and say its a rightious kill. Then Henry gets a call from his co-forever saying doesn;t it feel great to kill someone? And then reveals himself to be Louis!
Forever is actually quite fun tvthatiwatch.

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