The Flash 1.08

“Flash vs. Arrow”
A man with red eyes robs a bank and makes everyone get super angry. Flash saves the day. Eddie wants to start a task force to take down the Flash.
The cops track him down and Mr. Roy G. Bivalow makes one of them turn on them and shoot at the squad. Flash saves them and the Arrow shows up and saves them! Barry catches up to Arrow, Diggle and Felicity. Arrow is in town tracking down Captain Boomerang butneeds someone to analyze the metal being used so Felicity and Barry go to Star Labs. Arrow tracks down the storage space Roy was hanging out with and uses too much force to get info.
Joe and the Star Labs team doesn’t trust Arrow.
Oliver decides to train Barry. First by getting him to surveil a location before he takes on the villian. He proves his point by shooting him in the back with 2 arrows.
Flash tries to take out Bivalow and gets red eyed. He then proceeds to get more and more angry as the day progresses. Harrison tells Felicity to call back Oliver cause they need the Arrow!! So much for secret identities. Flash drags Eddie out of Iris’ car and starts to beat him up. Arrow wraps him up in wire, then flash drags him around. Arrow then hits him with a horse tranq and Flash vibrates it into vapor out of his body. Fighty fight. Then Joe and Harrison swoop in with disco lights and fix Flash. They nab the Rainbow Raider/Prism in the vault. Then everyone goes home but before they leave Ollie is stunned by a girl from his past who apparently has a child (could be his?).
The Flash is really good tvthatiwatch.

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