How To Get Away With Murder 1.09

“Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me” 11/20/14
The night of Sams murder plays out.
Annalise and Sam fight and she leaves and goes to Nate’s place and they end up hooking up again.
Michelea goes to bring back the trophey and Sam suggests she leaves but she see Rebecca sneaking up the stairs and Sam thinks they are conspiring and Rebecca says call Wes and then runs up the stairs and locks herself in their room with the jump drive and Sam’s computer.
Wes and the team arrive and talk Rebecca out of the bedroom but sam attacks them and then Michelea throws him over the stairwell and he whacks his head. Everyone panics. As they are bickering Sam comes to and chokes Rebecca and Wes whacks him on the head, killing him. Everything plays out and the next day Annalise makes everyone come to the office and tells them the police are coming and they need to tell them everything about her husband who looks to have run rabbit after she confronted him about the having killed Lyla. Rewind to the moment Wes went back to get the trophey… and Annalise is sitting looking at the dead body. Whoa, I didn’t get it but aparently she told Wes how to get rid of the evidence. That explains why he knew so much about how to get rid of the evidence. How To Get Away With Murder is REALLY good tvthatiwatch.

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