How To Get Away With Murder 1.08

“He Has A Wife” 11/13/14
Lyla and Rebecca are hanging out and she mentions she is dating a married man.
Annalise confronts Sam about the pregnancy in front of Bonnie.
New case: A woman who took sleeping pills killed her nanny.
Annalise tells Wes not to tell Rebecca, and he does.
The son of the murderer states on the stand he was in love with the nanny.
The son got an STD from the nanny. Surprisingly three months earlier the husband had it too. He killed the nanny and blamed it on the wife.
Bonnie confronts Sam about if he knew that Lyla was pregnant because Bonnie turned her away the night of the murder. Then Sam kisses her.
Bonnie tells Annalise everything and she fires her.
Michalea goes to Asher’s place and steals the trophey.
Rebecca and the cop decide to dupe everything on Sam’s phone which pisses Wes off.
Annalise demands that the baby’s DNA is collected and everyone including the teachers get tested!
How To Get Away With Murder is fun tvthatiwatch.

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