Forever 1.10

“The Man In The Kiler Suit” 12/2/14 A british viscount, named Cavendish, is murdered before his engagement party. Only the nobility of Cavendish died out. Henry recognizes his clothing, as only one tailer can make that cuff. Henry then sees a bike messenger with the same markings on his legs as Cavendish and the biker says he knew the guy as Dwight. The father of the bride apparently figured out he was lying about being nobility then whacked him with a 7 iron. Wait, someone fixed up the wound on his head before he died. Turns out he had an accomplish at the store and it was a long con. She trained him to be british and they were in love. It was the accountant who loved the fiance.
Abe’s first kiss’ husband dies and Abe says hello.
Henry’s nemesis kidnaps him.
Forever is tvthatiwatch.

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