Arrow 3.08

“The Brave and The Bold” 12/3/14
Arrow, Speedy and Diggle track down where the boomarang came from and the house is rigged. They break in and Argus shows up saying drop it. Cisco and Caitlin show up with the results of Sara’s blood.
Captain Boomerang storms Argus. Arrow and Speedy show up and Cisco and Caitlin call Flash to help. Fighty fight and Cap escapes. Digger Harkness used to wrok for Argus in Suicide Squad but when an op went bang they They track down the Russian mob techie that designed the boomerangs and while Flash and Arrow chase down Boomerangs phone. While they are doing that Boomerang, attacks the Arrow cave and gets Lyla in the chest with a rang. Flash races her to the hospital.
Felicity’s facial rec gets a ping on CB and Flash and Arrow race to get him. Captain Boomerang places 5 bombs around the city and Flash tries to disarm them but they are all connected. He grabs Felicity, Cisco, Caitlin and Roy to help him disarm at he same time. Then Arrow brings Harkness in and places him next to Slade Wilson. Arrow and Flash go for round two.
Arrow is really good tvthatiwatch.

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