Agents of SHIELD 2.10

“What They Become” 12/9/14
The four fighters open fire on the Airbus and May evades them.
Ward takes Skye to her father, Kal. He tells her she is special. That Whitehall slaughtered his wife, her mother and took her organs.
Bobbie finds out that Hydra is drilling to another entrypoint into the city.
Whitehall brings Kal, Ward, Raina, and Skye together and makes Skye touch the Oblisque and she does no problem. He puts a zappy thing on Kal. Ties up Ward. Then May and Coulson show up. Coulson shoots Whitehall before Kal could get to him and he goes crazy. Skye shoots Ward. Agent 33 gets War dand they escape.
Kal calls Skye Daisy.
Tripp, Fitz and Simmons descend back into the city.
Raina takes the Oblesque down into the city. She runs into newMack and tells him to take her to the temple. Skye follows.
Coulson goes after her.
Tripp goes after her.
Skye finds Mack and runs into the chamber. Tripp runs in too. Coulson is too late.
The Oblisque floats free and activates. Releasing the terrigen crystals(Duh). It cocoons Raina and Sky and then Tripp shatters it but gets a fragmentof the Oblesque in him. Skye fractures out and so does Raina. Tripp on the other hand just disintegrates. A man with no eyes has another Oblisque and says I can feel more of our kind. Agents of SHIELD is really good tvthatiwatch if you are a nerd.

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