Agents of SHIELD 2.09

“…Ye Who Enter Here” 12/2/14
Skye has a dream. Coulson is holding a chinese newspaper. May hands him a baby and they walk away then she grabs a box and turns to ash.
Coulson says they are going to the city and gonna blow it up.
Raina is having coffee and thinks she sees May but its actually Agent 33 so she runs and
Sam Koening shields her.
Skye goes to pick her up and fighty fight with Agent 33 and Hunter saves her.
Coulson and Bobbie and the rest of the team head to
Raina and Skye bond and Raina mentionsher grandmother told the storyof her line bing special and the kree’s having come to earth
Whitehall stops the c17 in thesky and says he wants Raina he will send someone over… its Ward. He takes Raina and wants Skye too.
Mack descends into the city and finds a symbol on the ground and touches it, then starts screaming as it imprints itself on his hand. They bring him up and he has superhuman strength and fighty fight and he ends up falling back down the shaft and Coulson says seal it up.
Agents of SHIELD is good tvthatiwatch.

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