Vikings 2.10

“The Lords Prayer” 5/1/14
Helga shows Floki his daughter and he says take her away.
Horik brings his wife to the village.
Horik says he doesn’t trust Floki and until he kills someone that matters he won’t fully trust him.
Floki gives Rollo and Torston poison mushrooms. Torston dies.
Horik says he will kill them all come tomorrow.
Rollo tries to stand the next day.
Horik goes to Siggy and says kill Ragnars young sons with this here knife.
Thorin fights Bjorn to show she is strong then they do it while Floki stalks then to kill them.
Horik invades and everyone is ready for him. Lagertha kills his wife. And Ragnar kills him.
Vikings is good tvthatiwatch.

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