Vikings 2.09

“The Choice” 4/24/14
King Ecbert and Athelstan talk about Ragnar’s motivation.
Horik decides to attack Ecbert in the morning. He rushes into battle and Ecbert and Wessex surround them and create chaos.
Athelwolf takes down Rollo and Ragnar makes the decision to retreat.
In the aftermath, Athelstan finds Rollo and Ecbert tells the healers to fix him up.
As King Aelle, King Ecbert and the other leaders soak, Ecbert suggests hiring the Northlanders to invade Mercer. They send Athelstan to open talks with the Vikings. Ecbert uses Aelle as collateral for the negotiations then lays out the plan to have the Vikings fight for Mercer to rid it of its problems. If they do it they will give Rollo back to them.
Aslaug sets Bjorn’s maiden, Thorin, free.
The rest of the Vikings head back home.
Horik offers Floki a proposition.
Vikings is good tvthatiwatch.

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