Vikings 2.06

“Unforgiven” 4/3/14
Siggy goes to see the seer.
King Horic wants to do a little payback on King Ecbert but doesn;t think there is enough men so suggests that Rollo get Yalborg back on their team.
Lageratha goes back to her husband but he spurns her then send a bunch of people to beat her down that evening. The next night he tries to show everyone her amaing breasts and she stabs him in the eye and then one of the men cuts off his head.
Horic wants Siggy to have sex with his son while he watches.
Bjorn has a crush.
Athelstan is asked by Ecbert to be a historian for all the Roman Pagen documents and treasures.
Yalborg comes back and all is good but then Rollo catches the barn with his men on fire to burn them all.
Then Rollo beats the crap out of Yalborg and summons Horic to Ragnars court.
Vikings is good tvthatiwatch.

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