Vikings 2.05

“Answers In Blood” 3/27/14
Ragnar and Bjorn make a raid on Yalborg’s winter stores to draw him out from the city.
A woman beaten by her husband for infildelity comes to Ecberts court and he asks Athelstan what the pagans would do. Ecbert sides with the pagans.
Yalborg of course chanses down the raiders and a battle ensues. Ragnar’s team bests them and he victoriously returns to town.
Ecberts son stops by to see Athelstan and tells him pagan or not this is a christian town and he needs to go to church. He goes but discretely takes the wafer out of his mouth only Ecbert son sees him.
Ragnar wants both Lagertha and Aslaug.
Athelstan’s crisis of faith makes him start to see Mary and demons.
Lagertha decides to go back to her husband and gives permission for Bjorn to stay behind.
Vikings is good tvthatiwatch.

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