Vikings 2.03

“Treachery” 3/13/14 King Ecbert says I knew this was coming and lets get some intel and then kick their butts out of Wessex. The raiding party takes a town and Athelstan is a little nostolgic about when he used to be an Englishman. He ends the life of a clergyman so he won’t be tortured. Ragnar is a little tired of the killing. Lagertha has remarried and her new husband Earl Sigmond treats her like crap. Aslaug has her baby, a boy with a messed up serpent eye. Yalborg has decided he is going to attack Ragnar’s homeland, wife and drunken brother now that he has abandoned it. Ecbert sends his clergy to ask what the Northman want. Sigmond taunts Bjorn.
Yalborg attacks and decimates the village. Vikings is good tvthatiwatch.

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