Vikings 2.04

“Eye For An Eye” 3/20/14 Rollo takes Asalag and Siggy and the brood to safety. Ecbert decides to trade hostages for a parlay – his son and Ragnar. Then he makes Ragnar take a bath with him. Its wierd. Ragnar suggest that he wants some land in England and Ecbert says what will you do for me? Oh, how about get me some lunatic warriors to help me invade. A boat comes to tell Ragnar of the destuction of his town. He decides to go back home. Horick stays and ask to Athelstan to be his interpreter. Bjorn wants Lagertha to get Sigmond to help Ragnar when he comes back before Yalborg comes for his lands. Aslaug is a little grossed out by the new place.
Ragnar makes it home. Horick, Athelstan and the crew who stayed behind are attacked. Athelstan surrenders and then gets crucified and Ecbert says cut him down. Lagertha brings Bjorn and warriors to aid Ragnar.
Vikings is good tvthatiwatch.

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