Masters Of Sex 2.12

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” 9/28/14 Virginia and Bill start a therapudic methodology. First non-sexual touching, then sexual touching, then full sex. It works. Now that George is back from Europe he would like to have more time with the kids. Libby goes back to work after everything that went down with Robert.  Then shows up at his apartment. Lester and Barbara are dating and she proposes they spend a night together. Bill tries to get Lester to try his treatment. And Lester kisses Barbara!! Flo is embarrased by Austin and won’t bring him to meet her family who are too smart for him. Libby and Virginia talk vaguely about whats going on in their lives. Libby realizes she has no leverage against George and gives him the kids. A competing doctor at UCLA  comes out with a book and a tv special before theirs and Lucas! is involved and woah… Bill called Barton to have him get him the book and create the competing tv show to squash his. Libby tells Robert that her husband has been having an affair for years so she is ok with this. Masters of Sex is tvthatiwatch.

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