Manhattan 1.10

“The Understudy” 9/28/14 Syd’s wife show up at the front asking how her husband died in the middle of the desert solving physics questions.  Then asks for Frank Winters. Abby and Elodie are having a lovely picnic after Elodie goes down on her and Abby tells her her husband groped her. Liza helps out with a radioactive spill and realized their procedures are allowing the waste to just trickle off into the gutter. Frank brings Charlie out to see Lazar and they still don’t have a solution for implosion. Occam tells Mrs. Lee that Syd was a spy and shot dead in the head stealing secrets. Frank gets an idea from Charlie’s papers to turn the waves of the explosion much like the shore turns the waves into rip curls. Shaped charges. Dunlavey gives Meeks the heads up that Mrs. Lee is in town and leaving. Liza brings a Geiger counter home and everything is radioactive in their home so she starts burning things. When she tries to show Frank, it doesn’t go off. She’s losing it. Occam goes to see Meeks and asks for information. Manhattan is really  good tvthatiwatch.

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