Beware The Batman 1.26

Alone 9/28/14 Deathstroke gets away with Batman’s utility belt which leads him to the batmobile which leads him to the batcave. Anarchy wakes Dent and Dent proceeds to speak in the “we” tense and turns on Anarchy. Deathstoke takes out Alfred and tells bats to come alone. Katana calls Barbara, gives her a mask and calls her Oracle, and gets Metamorpho and Manbat to help. Fighty fight. Deathstroke rigged the Batcave with C4. Oracle figures out where the C4 is, Manbat flies around and gathers it, Metamorpho encapsulates it as it goes off. But Bats still has the problem that Deathstroke knows who he is so Alfred suggest that Manbat figure out a way to wipe his memory and Metamorpho sythesizes the chemical and they wipe his brain. And everyone live happily ever after.  End of a really good series!! Beware The Batman was amazing tvthatiwatched.

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