Beware The Batman 1.24

“Epitaph” 9/28/14 A duplicate Batman takes out Bruce Wayne at Harvey Dent’s rally. At his funeral BadBatman strikes again and Batman takes out his car. Bruce recognises the weapons as one that is in Gotham’s armory. When Batman goes to the armory he gets attacked but Dane Lisslow helps him which makes Batman realize Lisslow is BadBatman.  Deathstroke kidnapped his child and made him do it.  Fighty fight and Dent and his crew show up to help Dane only Dane strapped a much of bombs to himself to ttake out Batman.  Batman knocks him across the room and Dent gets hurt! in the blast.  Oracle says Dane never existed… anagram for Slade Wilson. Beware The Batman was amazing tvthatiwatched.

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