Gotham 1.10

“Lovecraft” 11/24/14
Three assassins show up at Wayne Manor and try to take out Alfred, Bruce and Selina. Alfred takes them on while Bruce and Selina run. Alfred nabs one of them.
Gordon and Bullock show up.
Falcone nabs Penguin and asks why Maroni hit his armory, and Penguin says that it was Maroni but he will find out.
Gordon goes to Dent and asks how the assassins know, what did he tell Lovecraft?
Bullock and Alfred go to Fish and ask if she knows about
Bruce and Selina go to the street urchin flea market and see Ivy Pepper.
Gordon tracks Lovecraft and just as he is going to tell Gordon he is just a puppet, two assassins drop by and fighty fight and Gordon gets taken down. He wakes up to find Lovecraft shot in the head with his gun.
Selina & Bruce goes to her fence and gets nabbed and the two assassins show up. Fighty fight and Bruce goes noble and leads them on a chase while Selina escapes. The Mayor demotes him to security guard at Arkham.
Gotham is really good tvhtatiwatch.

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