Beware The Batman 1.21

“Unique” 9/28/14

An old man shows up saying an old friend of Bruce’s dad, Paul Kirk, is alive but the old guy gets shot in the neck by 2 Manhunters.

When Bruck goes to find his daughter, the manhunters attack but one of them shoots a bunch of them disintegrating them into nothing.

Turns out Paul Kirk worked for the government as a secret spy and when he was captured by Dr. Necros his DNA was used to created a robotic clone army to take over the world. The manhunters nab Alice Kirk and Dr. Necros wants to do a trade of Paul for her.  Fighty fight and Paul hacks one of the Manhunters , does the trade thereby tricking Necros. Beware the Batman is, sorry was, awesome tvthatiwatched

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