Scorpion 1.04

“Shorthanded” 10/13/14
The team goes to Vegas to figure out why a casino is losing money. Walter bets Toby he can’t gamble. They figure it out based on a guy with small hands dealing slowly. As they are leaving, the casino gets robbed and they blame Walter. Toby and Sylvester bet to win Walter’s money and Toby blows it.
Walter ends up in the same cell as the small hands dealer. Happy and Toby break into the casino but Toby sacrifices himself so Happy can break into the bosses office and send all the files to Sylvester. Walter breaks out of jail. Toby gets taken out to the middle of the desert just as Sylvester figures out the daughter of the casino owner robbed the casino and she’s planning to kill Toby and the team. She makes Toby send a text message to the team to get them to the remote location. Then Cabe and a slew of agents break the scene up. Scorpion is tvthatiwatch.

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