Teen Titans Go! 2.14

“Sandwich Thief” 9/25/14
Robin accesses his refrigerator vault to get his perfect sandwich… only its missing.
So Robin gasses the team and tells them how he visited all the gurus of sandwhich making to build the perfect sandwich and he thinks they stole it. He then gasses Cyborg and takes him apart and breaks him to his secret files but they are just of cyborg wearing Robin’s pants. He sleepdarts Starfire and hooks her up to a truth machine. But she didn’t do it and never will love him. Then he
makes Raven send him into beast boy’s stomach but he vomits him up and there is no evidence.
Robin realizes it was himself. So they take a time machine into the future and confronts Nightwing. But he says he didn’t do it either. Then realizes the sandwhich actually became self aware so teleports to Sandwich Planet and looks for it and we find out that after future robin stole it, it became self aware and traveled the universe only to realize humanity needs to be killed. After it disables everyone, Robin eats it. The perfect sandwich. Teen Titans Go! is such fun tvthatiwatch.

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