Manhattan 1.09

“Spooky Action At A Distance” 9/21/14 The MP’s tell Helen to pack up her personal items. Frank goes to meet Lazar and ends up standing in the bullseye for a airplane dropping a bomb. Lazar, the Master of Ordinance, says I know you cant blow things up so get off my land. Charlie takes over as number two and makes Helen this number three. Abby gets a job in the maternity ward. Palomo’s cousin comes by and creepily ask Frank for a pick-up truck. Aikley burns the letter to Dr. Oppenheinmer. Frank goes back to Lazar and tells him the truth and ask him to help. He considers it. Liza gets guilted into spending time with Elodie and they flirt till Tom Lancefield tries to molest Liza to get to Charlie.
Helen is sleeping with Paul Crosley.
Meeks, Crosley and Fritz take mushrooms. Meeks figures out the implosion due to absorption.
Frank goes to see Lazar one more time and tells him he slept with someone and they are harassing him.
Lazar can’t give him blasting caps but offers a suggestion to use shotgun shells. He helps him deliver a truck to the locals and Franks gives him their car.
When Liza tells Charlie he tells her to stay out of his way.
The Secret Services was behind the Poloma thing. They tried to get Frank to talk.
Abby starts to look around after hours and finds a radiation detector and scans the babies and finds one that radioactive. Manhattan is amazing tvthatiwatch.

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