Homeland 3.12

“The Star” 12/15/13 Carrie calls Saul and tells him it went down. Brody cleans up and proceeds to walk out. He finds Carrie and they proceed to to try to leave Tehran. Javadi tells them he needs Brody to make himself look better. They makes it to the safehouse. Saul sends the extraction team. When the helicopters arrive Javadi’s men show up and arrest Brody. When Carrie tries to bolt Javadi meet up with her and tells her Brody is at peace and she has done what she always wanted to do. Make everyone see Brody is a hero. then he tells her the court has ruled and he will be hung at first light tomorrow morning. Carrie goes to his hanging. 4 months later. Iran starts to make concessions in Geneva… everything that Saul was working on came to fruition. Carrie is up to be Station Chief of the Istanbul CIA division. Carrie tells Quinn she can’t be Station Chief and mother.
Homeland is intense tvthatiwatch.

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