Homeland 3.11

“Big Man In Tehran” 12/8/13 Carrie goes to Iran. Saul takes Mira’s lover and tells him he’s going to be part of the extraction team. Jivadi makes Brody go over his story over and over and over again then meets up with the Akbari and says if you don’t believe him you should meet him. Carrie’s team creates a cyanide injection. Akbari heads to a location. Brody gets taken to the same location. Akbari leaves and Brody has to meet with Abu Nazir’s wife who Akbari is using to vette Brody. When he leaves, the crowds surge and he states he is seeking asylum and down with America. Six days later he becomes an Iranian superstar. Lockhart says eliminate Brody. they plan to take him out and Carrie warns him. He heads to Nazir’s wife and says I need to see Akbari because there is something important he needs to tell him about Jivadi. He meets Akbari and tells him everything! Then kills him. He calls Carrie and says get me out of here.
Homeland is intense tvthatiwatch.

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