Arrow 3.07

“Draw Back Your Bow” 11/19/14 Issac Stansler, from last week, turns up with a cupid arrow in his chest. Diggle and Arrow track her down and she leads him on a chase. Cupid apparently has become obsessed with Arrow after he saved her during last years riot.
Felicity gets asked to dinner with Ray. To help get a Mr. Gardener mineral mine. Ray kisses Felicity!
IslandOllie’s foster man goes on a mission and doesn’t come back. So the wife and IslandOllie track him down and she does all ninga on the gang and they find out he was killed by the triad. But he wasn’t 3 other agents were killed.
Cupid used to be a cop but became obsessed with her partner. She use an old CI and who figures out Arrows place of operation. But Arrow calls her out. Fighty fight and he saves her from a train then throws her in the suicide squad.
Thea hires an annoying DJ that kisses her.
Arrow is really good tvthatiwatch.

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