The Flash 1.07

“Power Outage” 11/25/14 10 months ago, a man gets electrocuted on a power tower when the reactor blows up. Today, another man gets electrocuted and his id is used at a power palnt. Flash shows up and the guy is syphoning power then he gets a taste of Flash and sucks him off.
William Tockman, The Clock King, shows up as a transfer prisoner in Keystone and takes several people hostage. Eddie gets shot. Blackout shows up at Star Labs and wants to talk to Dr. Wells. Caitlin and Cisco have an idea that Barry needs to jumpstart his powers. Wells goes to Woodward/Girder and tells him he will let him go if he kills Blackout. Fighty fight and Girder loses. As they try to escape Dr. Wells confronts Blackout and tells him lots of people died that night: Jake Davenport, Daria Kim, Will Everett, Ralph Dibney(Elongated Man), Al Rothstine, Grant Emerson, Baya Decosta (Fire),
Ronnie Raymond (Firestorm). Then Flash give Blackout too much juice and he overloads. Wells steals some of Blackouts blood to figure out how to suck the Flash’s power. The Flash is such good tvthatiwatch.

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