The Flash 1.06

“The Flash Is Born” 11/18/14 Barry drops by Iris and says stop following The Streak. The police are chasing a guy who is made of metal or can turn into metal? He turns out to be Barry’s bully from high school, Tony Woodward. He beats the crap out of the Flash. Joe goes to Dr. Wells to have him help solve the death of Barry’s mother. Harrison thinks the probablility of metahumans existing before the reactor explosion is very slim. Tony shows up at Iris’ cafe. Barry finds some residue that leads him to the steel refinery that Tony fell into to turn him into Girder but he gets trampled again. Iris’ security details gets beat up and Tony takes her hostage and drags her to grade school. Flash decides to try Cisco’s trick of going faster than the speed of sound to punch Girder. Then Iris punches him too. Wally places him in Star Labs prison. Joe gets a visit from Reverse Flash and is told to stop investigating. The Flash is really fun tvthatiwatch.

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