Homeland 3.09

“One Last Time” 11/24/13 Brody starts to detox. Carrie is in the hospital when leland stops by to ask her what Saul is doing in Caracas. Saul has his house swept to figure out how Lockhart knew about Caracas. They find the mouse.
Saul goes see Carrie and tells her about Brody and wants to use her to get him to do his bidding which is to take out the #1 in Iran which will put Jivadi in that spot.
Carrie brings Brody to see that Dana is working at a motel.
Saul figures out that Lockhart was using Mira’s lover to track Saul so gives him an ultimatum – delay your appointment or he will go public.
Brody starts training and gets whipped into shape.
on the night of his departure he goes to see dana and she wants nothing to do with him, so he leave to start the op.
Homeland is intense tvthatiwatch.

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