Agents of SHIELD 2.08

“The Things We Bury” 11/18/14 The Nazi Reinhart is forcing people to touch the Diviner till one woman survives the touch. But then the Red Skull is killed and all hell breaks loose. Agent Carter interrogates Reinhart then locks him away for 40 years till he escapes, Hail Hydra, and finds the one woman who survived the Diviner and takes all her organs which makes him young. Ward kidnaps his brother and threatens to throw him down the well. Bobbie is interrogating Bakshi and glimmers that Whitehall is still alive and then connects him to Reinhart. Bakshi takes a cyanide pill. The team infiltrates an Australia data mine to correlate the map to a find the location. Tripp gets shot. Skye’s father shows up and trades a little info but then forces Coulson to let him go. Ward goes to Whitehall to join his team after burning his parents and brother in a fire. Agents of SHIELD is good tvthatiwatch.

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