Haven 5.02

“Speak No Evil” 9/18/14
Mara stabs a woman in her eye for her clothes.
She then goes to Nikki, the woman who can draw anything into existance, and tears one of her drawings which makes a tear in the fabric of the universe but it denies Mara access to it too.
Dwight tells Vince the Guard needs to step up.
Dave wakes up with bruises all over him saying something inside the void wants ro hurt him.
Dwight tries to hunt down the sewing trouble.
Nathan steals the stones and offers one to Mara to get out of town.
But before he does he finds out Jennifer died and goes to tell Duke who has been behind the sewings all along. As he is telling him, his eyes, then his ears, then his mouth gets sewn shut. Then Duke accepts it and Nate returns to normal.
He goes to Mara and confronts her but her ends up besting her.
The Guard votes Dwight as leader
Nate decides to steal Mara to find any part of Audrey in her.

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