Master Of Sex 2.10

“Below The Belt” 9/14/14 Franks wife is getting an exam when the lights go out. Betty is having a herd time paying the bills. Virginia sees the shrink and comes clean about Barbara. Bill and Virginia talk about his impotence. Austin is realizing his cal-o-metric duties might include banging his boss, Flo.
Finally!!! Barbara and Lester meet but Lester flubs it. Libby wants Virginia to lie for her while she goes and canvases the black neighborhood about a rent strike. A PR man wants Masters and Johnson to teach America about sex on TV. Austin and Flo get it on. Afterword he tries to get out of future trists.
Lester apologizes to Barbara and confesses his disfunction and she hers to him. Masters mom gets in a car accident after drinking and Frank is furious. And Bill and Frank have it out and Bill goads him into a fight with having drunk to show that rage is part of them. Bill and Virginia have sex afterwords. Masters Of Sex is good tvthatiwatch.

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