Manhattan 1.08

“The Second Coming” 9/14/14 Charlie thinks the nuclear reactions will be sullied with isotopes that aren’t pure and can therefore cause errant explosions. He is offered a promotion to second in command but doesn’t know if he should take it as the bomb will make him a mass murderer.
Liza surprises her parents on a cross country train but all they can talk about is the family back in Minsk potentially dead by Germans. And Dunleavy stops by with info that they are. The British engineers are in town and Frank tries to woo the leader with his own British ace in the whole Crosley till they find out Crosley has secrets of his own, an illigitimate son, and the British have proved implosion will not work. Abby Winter failed her lie detector test, question 17, ever been in a loony bin. Babbit goes on a limb and gets her a job. Charlie goes to Frank and tells him about Thin Man’s problem, Frank tells him implostion is dead in the water too. Manhattan is awesome tvthatiwatch.

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