Homeland 3.08

“A Red Wheel Barrow” 11/17/13 Saul goes to the capital to debrief Chief Of Staff Higgens on the op that is going on and Lockhart is there trying to rain on his parade. When Saul tell him he needs to leave becuase his clearence isn’t high enough he thows a hissy fit and Higgens kicks him out.
Mira’s lover puts a mouse with a tracking device in Saul’s house.
Carrie sets up a sting to bring out the bomber using Leland and the go between Franklin. It works. They track Franklin to a hotel. When she realizes that he is putting a silencer on a gun and plans to kill the bomber and she realizes that she will lose her opportunity to clear Brody.She tries to stop it and Quinn has to shoot her. Franklin shoots the bomber – two in the face then dumps lye on him.
Saul goes on his mission and shows up at the tower in Caracas, pays a ransom for Brody and sees the sad state he is in. Whacked out of his mind on drugs.
Homeland is intense tvthatiwatch.

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