Haven 5.01

“See No Evil” 9/11/14 A crack in the world opens and the lighthouse falls into the bay. Everyone wakes up all over town. Audrey comes back as Mara. A man gets his eyes sewn shut. Mara can see veils between worlds but gets shocked when she tries to enter it. A car flips over in front of Dwight and some else whose mouth and eyes were sewn shut was driving. There are a couple of veils across Haven and Dwight and Nathan stake them out. Dwight finds Mara first and she shoot 3 times and the bullets bend to find him then she tazes him. She tries to get in the veil but its closed too. Nathan is the next one Mara goes after. Dwight finds out the sewin trouble has been gone for generations. When he tells Duke about it, Duke realizes he is unleashing the troubles his family .
Mara shoots Nathan.
Haven is tvthatiwatch

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