Gotham 1.09

“Harvey Dent” 11/17/14
An explosionist, Ian Hargrove, gets busted out of Blackgate to work with the Russians.
Penguin breaks into Liza’s place and sniffs around.
Barbara leaves Jim.
Montoya suggest they bring the idea of an eyewitness to the Wayne murder to a prosecutor named Harvey Dent to see if he can work with it. Harvey thinks it wouldbe a good idea to tell some potential suspects that they have a witness to the murder to see if any of them sweat.
Gordon places Selina at Wayne manor to hide her away.
A bomb takes out a police warehouse and more explosives are taken.
Fish apparently hired the Russians to mess with Falcone.
Nigma figures out the explosives only work on lead and from that Gordon and Bullock figure out its the Armory that is the next target.
When they show up to the robbery in progress someone else blows up the truck that Fish lent the Russians.
Penguin stops by Fish’s to smell her. From that he determines that Liza is working for Fish and plans to blackmail her.
The Mayor decides to transport all the criminally insane into Arkham.
Gotham is really good tvhtatiwatch.

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