Extant 1.13

“Ascension” 9/17/14
Molly gets launched into outer space on the Odyssus. She docks with the Seraphim and finds Sean. As she looks around she sees the entire place about covered in fungus.
John, Julie and / try to get Ethan to not call Odin and therefore explode.When they finally get him open the bomb can’t be removed.
The Alien kid goes into ISEA.
Molly gets exposed so the AI won’t let her leave the Seraphim.
They decide to let Ethan into ISEA because the Alien can’t mess with him.
He gets Molly control but only by heating up his core which will detonate the bomb in him.
The Alien kid confronts Ethan and right before he is about to blow Etahn tells him to run.
5 Days later… Ethan is in the interweb and Alienboy is hooking on the streets getting picked up by unsuspecting families and brooding in their back seats. Extant was not good tvthatiwatched over the summer.

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